We’re putting in a 50ft by 50ft garden next Spring, and I’m being rather Type A with the planning. I went through several incarnations of caveman Photoshop garden plans before I was tipped off to the GrowVeg garden planner.

Mind officially blown.

You can include just about any vegetable, fruit or herb you can think of, and every time you place one you’re shown exactly how much space is required. There’s a square foot gardening mode, as well, for those using raised beds. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be well on your way to planning (and replanning) your garden!

The only major bummer is it’s only free for 30 days – after that, you pay $25 a year for your plans and emails reminding you to plant the seeds. I’ve spent $25 on less useful things before, so I do believe I’ll be getting a subscription.

GrowVeg.com: The Smart Way to Plan Your Garden