Worm composting – or vermicomposting, as those in the biz like to call it – is the simple process of giving worms rotting produce and letting them turn it into wonderful, rich compost. And it really is simple. You need some kind of container, some bedding (typically shredded and soaked newspaper), some expired produce, and, of course, worms.

Some worm bins cost upwards of $100 (or more, yeesh!), but there are a lot of homebrew solutions out there. My family uses stacked Rubbermaid containers with holes drilled, because we go through so much produce.

Just remember, Red Wigglers are the worm of choice for vermicomposting. 1 pound of worms will be plenty to get your first bin started. If that doesn’t sound like enough, remember the wigglers will double their population just about every 60 days. And the uses for all those extra worms is endless – chicken treats, fishing, some people even make a nice little side business out of selling them to other gardeners.

Attainable Sustainable: $5 Worm Composting Bin