Poultry Spectacles

I’m pretty sure these speak for themselves. Poultry spectacles are, without a doubt, the most awesome bit of farming gadgetry I’ve ever run across.

OK, that might have been an overstatement.

But still. Think about how distinguished your little chicks will be, running around the yard with some red eye-glasses on. Not to mention it will prevent them from pecking each other to death. Do free-range chickens peck each other? I’ve never seen it. Lacking function, at least it’s fashionable.

If you have 1,000 chickens (or would just like 1,000 sets of chicken glasses for Christmas 2014 stocking stuffers), you can purchase them in bulk – with free shipping, no less – at the link below.

AliExpress: Feed poultry chicken eyes glasses livestock aviod chicken peck each other fighting peck eggs