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Aquaponics is understandably the newest trend in gardening. In the same space it takes to grow one plant traditionally, you can grow three or four (sometimes as many as ten) and harvest fish for the table. Many home gardeners have found aquaponics to be a wonderful way to keep their freezer and pantry stocked, as well as put a little extra money in the bank. With a year-round supply of fresh, organic produce, along with the option to start seedlings for resale, aquaponics only makes sense for the serious home gardener.

Unfortunately, aquaponics can be expensive and confusing. Usually expensive because it’s confusing. There are so many DIY options out there, it’s difficult to nail down the system that works best for you. The Aquaponics 4 You e-book gives step by step instructions on how to set-up and maintain a successful aquaponics system. You’ll also learn about how to turn home grown organic fish and produce into a side income.

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