Little Farm

I love matching games. They can be paused and picked up, which makes them perfect for lazy days with the kids. I’m currently addicted to Little Farm, an online game from BigFishGames. The premise is simple. Your plot of land is filled with different types of produce. The purchasing truck comes by looking for one specific type and you have to fill it up. To harvest, you select an area where all 4 corners match (all tomatoes, all cucumbers, etc). Anything within that area that matches the truck is loaded, and you earn cash.

If you select the largest match possible, you get a bonus. If you find a lucky coin, the farmhand will highlight the largest area for you.

Easy, straight-forward, kid friendly. I like it! There’s a downloadable PC version of the game, too, but my Chromebook won’t support it. The online game is still a fun way to whittle away time with the kids!

Play "Little Farm"