I love (love love love) PVC cage frames, so don’t be surprised when you see several more featured here. Despite my affinity for them, I can’t get away with it.  PVC, being technically just plastic, becomes very brittle in the cold. Under weight, it runs the risk of breaking or snapping.

Obviously, that just won’t do in Illinois, when nearly half our year threatens to fall below freezing.

But, that’s OK. I can still admire the builds and dream of the day we can move onto a nice, warm Texas ranch. So take a look at this simple quail cage from Florida Hillbilly. It uses about 20 feet of PVC and some welded wire. This build wouldn’t be suitable for heavier breed rabbits, but would work well for small breeds (Netherland dwarves?) and other small critters like cavy. Hop on over to the link to see step-by-step photos and read the full instructions.

Florida Hillbilly: Building a Simple Quail Cage