I was going to do a list of different cleaning recipes, but come to find out there are so many excellent lists compiled already it’s a bit repetitive. So this Series Saturday brings you…a list of lists!

Most homemade cleansers use the same few ingredients: baking soda, vinegar, borax, soap, super washing soda. There are variants, but if you’ve got those goodies, you can definitely whip up some homemade cleansers free of industrial chemicals.

  1. Keeper of the Home: 67 Homemade, All-natural Cleaning Recipes
  2. Earth Easy: Non-toxic Home Cleaning
  3. Greener Choices: Homemade Household Cleaners
  4. The Family Homestead: Homemade Household Cleaners (not a typo, titles are the same!)
  5. Fabulously Frugal: 12 DIY Household Cleaner Recipes

Between these 5 lists (there is some overlap), there really isn’t anything you can’t clean. I’ll be experimenting with some of these myself and will report back from time to time with my findings.