1.) Use the tops as a bag sealer (Russian, with photos)

Use the tops of plastic bottles to seal plastic bags


2) Use one as a mailer for small items.

Pencils in soda bottle for shipping


3) Make self-watering planters.

Plants in recycled plastic bottles

4) Make roofing or siding for a greenhouse.

Plastic roofing from bottles

5) Make a sprinkler.

Plastic bottle sprinkler

6) Hang a vegetable garden.

Vegetables growing in plastic bottles

7) Make a tiny greenhouse.

Plastic bottle over seedling

8) Make a ribbon dispenser. (Russian, with photos)

Ribbon dispenser from plastic bottle

9) Make a hanging basket.

10) Decorate a tiny doll house.

Plastic bottle doll houses

11) Create an apple.

Apple made from plastic bottle

12) Make a pouch. (Chinese, with photos)

Pouch made from plastic bottles

13) Get a bunch and make an ottoman.

How to make a stool out of plastic bottles