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This (free!) book will teach you everything you’d need to know to maintain a reliable and resourceful garden in the WWI era and today. War Vegetable Gardening and the Home Storage of Vegetables covers planting methods, storage, soil amendments and much more. It’s 31 pages long and available in both EPub and PDF, so you can add it to any mobile reader.

Excellent results are obtained through cooperative gardening work. If several families join forces they can reduce the cost of gardening, in time, labor and money. Families having adjoining or neighboring garden plots may use one set of tools. To prevent clash of convenience it is well to have an understanding in advance as to the time when each gardener is to have the use of particular tools. By this arrangement it is possible to have complete equipment at expense much less than if each gardener bought his own. Money can also be saved in buying seeds, fertilizers and spraying materials by clubbing together and gaining advantage of the lower prices for large lots.

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